Flat Interior Decoration Ideas

If you look at most of decoration magazine, you will notice the airy living room, the grand dining room and the majestic of the whole place. The is friend, if you have enough space to place all that which flat does not have that luxury. Most flat that I know did not offer much space… Continue reading Flat Interior Decoration Ideas

Decorate A Japanese Bedroom

When it comes to Japanese style room, we always remember the style that put emphasis on minimalist. Japanese style bedroom is a good idea to consider. Using Japanese style and design, create a serene, relaxing and tranquil bedroom. Minimalist design should help you save some money if your wallet are tight. Minimalist also means less… Continue reading Decorate A Japanese Bedroom

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Kitchen is like a sanctuary to me. Because of my laziness of moving around, I usually ended up working and studying on my kitchen island and cooking at the same time. Even then, my kitchen is small so it’s kind of a hectic routine every day. Now, I notice that small kitchen can look like… Continue reading Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces