Bedroom With High Ceilings

So, you got a big room with a big bed and a big floor also the ceiling is really high. This is not a problem right? It’s like a suit. But here is the deal, sometimes having to big of a room makes people restless. This is true, large room and high ceiling makes you feel unprotected, you feel to open in that room. A normal room is supposed to encase, encircle, protect us from the outside of the walls. To make the awful feeling disappear, there are few tricks that could be applied to your room.

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Bedroom With High Ceilings

Bedroom With High Ceilings To be honest, bedroom with high ceilings makes your room more spacious but at the same time it feel more airy and cold. You can handle this problem by coating your room with varying shade of warm colors. Warm colors make your room feel cozy and comfortable. The ceiling should be painted with darker colors so it will create the illusion that the ceiling is lower than the original height.

High Ceiling Bedroom

For the furniture options for your bedroom with high ceilings, you can start by uninstalling large and tall furnishes. For example a bed with high headboard or canopy bed to create the illusion of another lower ceiling on your bed. Tall cabinet and wardrobe, tall work desk should be avoided. You should avoid furniture that draw your attention to the ceiling.

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Bedroom With High Ceiling

For decoration, you should feel your bedroom with high ceilings with warm and rich texture ornament. Stuff like bamboo decoration is good. Soft rug and cozy carpet should cover your room floor. If you want to hang wall art or photo, you should place them a bit lower to draw your attention downward. You can also use low coffee table and use it as a place to display your decoration.