Painting Interior Doors

To decorate a room, you spent hours of picking up the perfect furniture, the richest decoration, the vivid wall paint and the dull interior doors. Wait, interior doors sometime can be uninspiring. After all, there is little to no point to watch a door. But then again, you don’t want to make your hardly decorated room to feel out of place by a single door. To avoid this, you can use some of this painting interior doors design ideas. Make your room more remarkable by picking up the appropriate paint and scheme for the doors.

Painting Interior Doors

Painting Interior Door

The first step for your painting interior doors is to match the paint with the existing decors. There are two side of the doors so you can either choose a colors that match both side interior color scheme or you can pick to different colors. I suggest the variety of two colors will be better. Expand the look of the room by choosing complementary colors or neutral colors for the interior doors. Or you can grab the attention by using bright and rowdy colors like yellow.

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Painting Interior Doors idea

If you feel that simple re color will not do, step up on the next painting interior doors ideas. This time, it will involve pattern and interest. For example, kids loves animal pattern, animal shape or or textures. You can add that to their interior design. There are also flowery themed door and geometric themed door. It is better if you use two colors combination for the doors. One as a base color and the second one for the pattern.

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Painting Interior Doors

The last for this painting interior doors article is to use the paint to write your favorite or memorable passage. Basically you use your door as a reminder. For example you write your kid’s birthday on it or your wedding anniversary.