Home Pool Bar

Having a nice home backyard pool is like a luxury that nobody can have. You can enjoy a nice swim on the middle of the day without having to travel to your local community pool. To complete the design of your backyard pool, a home pool bar is necessary. Having a pool bar on the side of your backyard pool is like having a lounge that have everything you need without too much hassle. In this article there are some ideas for you to use to make your own home pool bar design. Have fun and good luck.

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Home Pool Bar

Home Pool Bar Ideas First, design the shape of your home pool bar. Most of the pool bar that I know have a direct access to the water and an another deck to serve more guest. Your home pool bar should be able to serve guest from the water and from the side of the pool. Provide enough space between to improve traffic flow. The roof options of your home pool bar should resemble that of a beach hut.

Home Pool Bar

You need to consider the size of your pool and the side of the pool where your home pool bar will be build. This is to create a smooth design. Having to small of a bar will result in bad traffic design because of the limited space. If you build to big, the balance will look weird and deserted also your pool will look like a pond.

Home Pool Bar Decor

Material for your home pool bar should be something sturdy that can hold against weight, rain, wind and wild animals. For underwater material it should be stone or concrete. The bar stools should also had the same material as the underwater part. For the roof, you can use bamboo and and wood to create a solid roof.

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