Accent Color For Light Green Room

Light Green Room

So, you have decide to use light green for your room color scheme but you have no idea on what kind of colors should be used as an accent colors. Green are associated with many thinks and among them is peace, nature and luck. Basically, it’s a happy green to have in your room. Light green theme room can make your room feel calm and relaxing. But having a full green room can make your room overwhelming. Here comes the accent color for light green room to make your room more rounded up and lively.

Accent Color For Light Green Room Light Green Room

Among other color, I think pink is the best choice for accent color for light green room. Pink is the complimentary colors of light green, because they are on the opposite side of each other on the color palate. Among other colors for the light green, pink also has the most calming colors. The color combination will remind you of spring. The thing that goes well with this combination is flowery pattern and wood furniture with soft colors.

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Light Green Room

The next is to use yellow as accent color for light green room because yellow sit next to green on a color palate. You can between a light shade butter colors or a yellow green colors. When combined with light green, the room will enhance your calm and happy feeling. Yellow appear to more overwhelming than the light green colors itself so you must use it in a subtle way.

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Light Green Room

The third is to use blue as an accent color for light green room. Blue and green can be found most on the nature, indeed it is one of the most natural choice you can have for the light green room colors combination. Both color has a similar calming effect and blue had additional effect that help you to focus.