Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Kitchen is like a sanctuary to me. Because of my laziness of moving around, I usually ended up working and studying on my kitchen island and cooking at the same time. Even then, my kitchen is small so it’s kind of a hectic routine every day. Now, I notice that small kitchen can look like a dump if you leave it alone. Small kitchen need not to be look like closet. Using simple kitchen design ideas for small spaces, you can try to build it vertically rather than widen it horizontally. Surely, these will open up some space in the kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

While you are tempted on having wall spaces as much as possible, my kitchen design ideas for small spaces do the otherwise. For once, I use a large window on the kitchen. Big window will make your room more airy and bigger. In fact getting a big window will enhance the air distribution. For addition, you may want to make open kitchen design with no wall around it. You can use the wall around the window to put the cabinet, including the wall spaces above the window.

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Kitchen Design Ideas for small spaces

As like in any other small room in the world, I will use lighter color for my kitchen design ideas for small spaces. White and cream are my main choice, but I don’t use them as a main colors. Instead I using it as an accent colors with turqoise or lime green as the main colors. You can also install ceramic wall on the wall and floor to make your kitchen look durable, use large tiles instead of small tiles or the room will look busy.

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Kitchen Design Ideas for small space

For the appliances and furniture, you should make them as effective as possible. Remember that you have a small limited space to use. If you don’t have the space for an island, build a bar on the wall. If you want a fridge, go with the narrow one and use the space on the top as a additional storage space.