Refinish A Wood Dining Table

Do you have an aging wood dining table? How old is the table? Are you planning to dump your wood dining table and buy a new one? You can save some money by using a new layer of wood stain and varnish. Of course, you need to do several others step to make sure you got the layer rigth. So, how about it? Interested on having the chance to save your wallet? Check out this article about how to refinish a wood dining table. Feel free to add comment on the matter and share your experience with other users.

Refinish Wood Dining Room Table

Finished wood dining table are covered with varnish. To eliminate this, you need to know the proper way to sand the wood surface or you will ended up with scar on your precious wood dining table. First, to refinish a wood dining table you will use 120 grit sand paper. You need to sand the paper along the wood grain, you do this until the varnish look dull. Do not sand it against the wood grain or your table will get a scar.

Refinish Wood Dining Table

Next step to refinish a dining table it to use 220 grit sand paper. You use this paper to refinish a wood dining table until the surface is smooth. Remove the dust from the surface with a cloth, clean it up nicely. You can cover the spot you need not to stain with paper tape or other type of covers.

Refinish A Wood Dining Table

Next on how to refinish a wood dining table, you now will apply the oil wood stain using a paintbrush that is used for oil painting. Paint the carefully and used a clean cloth to wipe the excess oil. Be sure not to smeared over too much. Wait until six hours for the oil stain to dry and then apply the varnish with another clean oil paintbrush, wait another 6 hours before using the table.