Ceiling Color Design

Today’s ceiling color design is no longer limited by the color of white. Thanks to the variety of style, design and decoration of a room, we can sought different kind of image and choice for our ceiling design. Ceiling as we know it, played a major position on a room style. Their color might provide the mood, the location and type of ceiling light might decide what kind of room is it. Ceiling color design can give you more design value if you do it right. From the traditional white, the blue of the sky and the green of the forest. The choice is yours, even a painting can be made on the ceiling.

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Ceiling Color Design

Ceiling Color Design

The choice of colors for your ceiling color design should hide those imperfection that you don’t want to see. What are the imperfection we are talking about? Stuff like crack and water spot. White is still the main choice as they make your room look larger. If you have a wide and large room, you can use darker and bolder colors to tone it down and make it cozy. If you want both choose a lighter shade than your wall color for monochromatic looks. You can even make it as your fifth wall and decor it as you wish.

gray Ceiling Color Design

Your ceiling paint for the ceiling color design are different from the paint that you use on the wall. Ceiling paint are made to reflect light to hide the imperfection we are talking before if they are applied correctly. Ceiling paint need to be much thicker and hold a longer age than wall paint. The reasons for that is the location of the ceiling that makes it hard to clean and maintenance.

Texture Ceiling Color Design

Some ceiling are designed to apply molding or other kind of fixtures to make the ceiling look more interesting. This kind of variation is really good to install combination colors to make a nice contrast on the ceiling.

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