Types of Ceiling Design

Ceiling Design

When it comes to a dramatic decoration, you can bet that ceiling will have a play on it. Many great and famous building in the world have a great and majestic ceiling design that any visitors to the building would spent some time to soak on the marvelous view that lay on them. So if you want to give your room some change of flair, why don’t you check out some of these designs. These types of ceiling will help to round up your room. Feel free to make a comment and additional advices.

Ceiling Design

Ceiling DesignThe first types of ceiling that I will mention is the tiles ceiling. This is fairly traditional and used worldwide. These type of ceiling offers traditional and antique feeling on the place. There ceiling tiles with decorative element or even carving. There ceramic and wood material choice as well. The second type is the tray ceiling. This types of ceiling are raised slightly in the middle. For example, you have ten feet ceiling; a tray ceiling will elevated slightly at the middle for about eleven feet.

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Modern Ceiling Design

The fourth types of ceiling design is the cathedral ceiling. You should have familiar with this, If you ever been to cathedral . This types of ceiling has a deep angle toward the sky. The room will feel really larger because of the high ceiling. Speaking of cathedral types of ceiling cab reach up into 15 feet in height or even more.

pop ceiling design

The fifth type of ceiling is the false ceiling also known as dropped ceiling. This types of ceiling are the opposite of the cathedral ceiling. Cathedral show off how big the room is but dropped types of ceiling are trying to hide or to reduce the actual height of the room by covering the actual ceiling much lower than the original height.

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