Interior Door

Door no matter what kind, be it outdoor or indoor need to be decorated to further enhance the value of your house. Just like the outdoor door, your indoor should dress up a bit to match the interior style and design. You can also dress them based on season or special occasion like your birthday, Halloween and Christmas. Think of the door as a special display or a part of the wall space that moves a lot. Once you can get them inside of the system, decorating idea should pop out more.

Interior Door

Interior Door craftman

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The first idea for your interior door design it to paint them to match the color of your interior. There two side of the door and you may paint them to complement the color of the room they are facing or using a simple way by using a neutral colors that compliment both side. You can also used as a canvas and draw mural or pattern on it. Draw different mural on both side to add variation. Now your interior door is a part of the decor as well.

Interior Door design

Next is easy, you can go to the internet and look up about your kid’s favorite show print the HQ picture and tape them on your children room’s door. You can also use family photo or their own painting. You can also make a custom room sign. You can made it by scraps like magazine collage or scrap wood. You just need a board to hang it and glue.

Interior Door

You can also add hook on your interior door. This hook will be used to hang decoration. The advantage of this idea are the easy removal and easy installment. You can change the items as many time as you want. You can also use a more practical hook to put your cloth or bag on the door if you running out of wall space.

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