How To Build Bed Frame

Buying a bed frame is one way to finish your problem, but why wasted a good amount of money if you can make the same for more or less in a hour. Gents, making a bed frame should be considered a sport because you need the practice, the effort and the dedication. Result? a brand new bed frame, one of a kind, some good exercise and the satisfaction of a homeowner who can take care of their own problem.

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Build Bed Frame

Bed Frame First step is to measure your own bed. After you got the dimension right, add 3-1/2 inches to the length. Using this numbers, cut two stud using a miter saw. You will need 4 studs, 2-by-4-by-96 inches. You can get this from your local store and material shop. Measure the width and add 1 inch to that and cut another 2 stud by that measurement. Stack them with the long stud at the flat surface and short stud between them.

Bed Frame

Drill the long stud at the each end, the hole should penetrating the short studs at the each end. Make three hole for the long stud each end and space them evenly. Use a 5/32-inch drill bit and the cordless drill or driver. You will now have a box frame that should fit your bed. Lastly on the how to build bed frame.

Bed Frame

Put 1/2-inch scrap block on each corner of the box frame. Put another one across the bed frame at the center. Cover the scrap black on the each corner with 4-by-4 blocks. Use the clamps to fasten their positions. Drills the hole you need through the blocks . Place the screws in the hole. Fasten them with the drill or the screws. Place the box spring inside and you just finished. That is all for how to build bed frame.

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