Modern Living Room Designs With White Color

Modern living room designs can be treated with white color as the main shade. White is considered as one of the best modern colors that you can use to dominate the wall and ceiling. There are many other colors that you can set on the wall and ceiling but it will look more open and nicer if you go with white.

Modern Living Room Design

modern living room design white colorDominating the living space with white will never make the room look stark if you can find the perfect tone. There are many shades of white to choose.

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You can go with ivory white, creamy white and glossy white to deliver the open feeling. It tends to carry bigger appearance in the room. You can combine with other interesting shades since white is considered as the most versatile color. It can bring feminine effect when you combine white with lilac, lavender or even soft pink color. If you like to enjoy edgy feeling in modern living room designs, you can mix white with black. The people who love with sophisticated and industrial style in the living room can choose chrome or even stainless steel color for the furniture or even accessories in the room.

white modern living room design ideas

You do not need to limit yourself by avoiding the prints and patterns in the room. You can choose the colorful shades to make your sofa or curtain more striking to view. It can banish the boring and plain look in the living room. When you set a black couch on the middle for your living room, you can adorn it with some black and white zebra colored toss pillows. You can match it with zebra printed area rug to. If you want to carry sparkling effect, you can hang metal or paper screen pendant lighting in modern living room designs with brushed nickel tone.

modern living room design

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