How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

When you live in a small apartment, you’ll need to learn how to decorate a small bathroom. Houses and apartments are getting smaller and smaller. If you want a place with a bigger space, you should be willing to pay for more. However, for average-earning citizens or those who have recently moved out from their parents’ home, it’s really a challenge to get a more comfortable place.

Decorate a Small Bathroom Decorate a Small Bathroom

With that kind of situation, every home owner or apartment resident should learn how to maximize small spaces. Working with a limited space doesn’t have to mean living in a dump, there are a lot of space-saving home solutions available in the market and it’s up to us to find what suits our style and create our own beautiful home interior design even in a very small space.

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First thing you need to do before you start buying things for your bathroom is to pick a theme. I know it’s a small space but you’ll be spending a lot of time inside that room so you might want to personalize it and make it feel like it’s yours. Choose a theme and then decide on the color theme you want to use. This will guide you in buying accessories and bathroom fixtures later.

Small Bathroom Ideas

Choose one bathroom accessory that will stand out. Whether it’s an antique dresser, a beautiful mirror or the bold choice of wall color, make a decision which part of the bathroom do you want to use as the focal point or the most noticeable feature. And for this to work, clear clutter from the room. Don’t stack it up with towels and other products you don’t use in the bathroom. Invest in storage spaces like wicker baskets or roll-out drawers. Keep things organized.

Lastly, make the room feel airy and bigger than it actually is. Using aquatic shades can help you create this mood and using mirrors or having a large window can help as well. If you know how to decorate a small bathroom, you can enjoy the feeling of having a big bathroom!

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