Tips for Buying a Bed Frame

buying a bed frame

Buying a bed frame is the easy way to have new comfortable bed. Actually, a bed frame is used to support the mattress and box spring, if there is one. But more than that, a bed frame can improve your bedroom design, decorate the room, and bring new sense into your life.

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There are so many types of bed frame available in the market. Choosing a bed frame is important because about one third of everyone’s time is spent in bed. And to choose the right one you need to consider several points before buying a bed frame.

Tips for Buying a Bed Frame

Here are the best tips for buying a bed frame so you can enjoy it for years to come:

  1. The Size of Your Bedroom and Mattress Size

Before buying a bed frame, you need to know the size of your bedroom so you can shop for a bed frame that suits the room. Beds take up a lot of space in a room and many modern homes are built with smaller bedrooms in order to make them more affordable. So be sure to map out the space before buying a bed frame a new room or upgrading the size of the mattress.

Here are some ways to map out the space:

  • Determine the mattress size. Sizing options include twin-size beds (39 inches by 70 inches); extra-long twins (39 inches by 80 inches); full-size beds, which are also referred to as double or standard (54 inches by 75 inches); queen-size beds (60 inches by 80 inches); king-size beds (76 inches by 80 inches); and California kings (72 inches by 84 inches).
  • Map out the room. You can use painters tape on the carpet or flooring to measure out the size and location of the bed. Don’t forget to allow extra space if buying a bed frame with headboards or footboards. Check to ensure that the bed and frame will leave a comfortable amount of space in the room.

If the room feels cramped, you’ll need a space-saving bed frame. Metal frames are available that support the box spring and mattress without extending into the room.

shop a metal bed frame

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Other things that you need to consider before buying a bed frame are bed frame height and how movable is the bed frame. Many bed frames are very large and do not disassemble into smaller pieces. It is important to measure hallways and doorways to make sure that the frame can be moved into the bedroom. If you are living in a smaller home, just shop for frames that can be completely taken apart and avoid large head and footboards. Besides that, it is better to shop a bed frame that has casters for easy moving once it is in the room.

  1. Your Bedroom Design

Buying a bed frame with a style and material that fits in well with the existing bedroom design is the best option to have new bed frame without extra cost for your room décor. For example, wood frames give warmth to a room, while metal and platform bed frames usually compliment a contemporary décor.

buying a bed frame

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  1. Your Budget

Depending on its design, bed frame price range from very inexpensive to quite expensive. You need to decide on a budget before buying a bed frame.

So there are 3 best tips for buying a bed frame. If you want to shop for bed frame you can go to your local furniture shop or just visit online shop.

tips for buying a bed frame

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Buying a bed frame from online retailer give some benefits such as no extra costs for shipping and also you can compare prices of some bed frames at home.